The Academics Committee

The Academics Committee’s chief purpose is to inform students interested in energy and facilitate their learning about the energy industry. Our efforts are tailored to benefit all students interested in energy, whether the individual is new to energy altogether or already seeking a career in the sector. 

As part of our realm of responsibility, we publish and present materials that discuss energy in terms of business, politics, economics, and science. This includes publishing the monthly WUEG Newsletter and developing the curriculum for Energy 101, a series of student- and professor-led lectures on the fundamentals of the energy industry. To learn more about the monthly newsletter and Energy 101, please see the sections below. 

Academics also publishes This Week in Energy, a weekly update covering recent events, news articles, internship opportunities, and M&A transactions in the energy space. To receive these updates, please join our email list at the bottom of this page!


Each month, the Academics Committee releases the WUEG Newsletter, written by our team, which discusses a broad array of energy topics. Such topics include emissions trading in Europe, the latest oil and gas M&A deal, sustainable start-ups, and politics surrounding the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. You can check out our past editions below.

Anyone who would like to write for the newsletter is welcome, club member or not! If you are interested, please reach out to Tim Chung at


Energy 101


One of the Academics Committee's key responsibilities is developing our Energy 101 offering, a series of student- and professor-led lectures on the fundamentals of the energy industry. Energy 101's goal is to bring students new to the industry up to speed on the fundamentals of energy. Our curriculum covers oil and gas, nuclear, renewables, and energy commodities. If you are interested in learning more about the energy industry, be sure to add yourself to the email list below!