As Wharton's sole undergraduate organization dedicated to energy, we strive to provide students with opportunities to learn the ins and outs of the energy industry. Our members' interests span the industry--from renewable energy finance to hydrocarbon production--so we empower our members to explore each aspect of the space and give them the resources to pursue career opportunities in energy. Because of its niche, WUEG attracts a diverse group of students and thrives as a community grounded in mutual learning, collaboration, and innovation. 


The Executive Board


Julia Lesko, President,  (CAS and Wharton '20)

Julia, a junior in Wharton and the College of Arts and Sciences, serves as President of WUEG. She studies Statistics  in Wharton and Political Science in the College. She is interested in how effective policy can support the transition to clean energy, as well as how energy policy affects world events. This summer, she interned at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.


Mark Lewis, VP of Events  ( SEAS and Wharton '20)

Mark, a Junior studying in the Jerome Fisher program, is currently serving as the Vice President of Events for the Wharton Undergraduate Energy Group. His interests lie in the future of oil and gas as well as the emerging role of innovative shale technology. He spent his most recent summer working in Investment Banking.


Jacob Waxman, VP of Finance (Wharton '21)

Jacob serves as Vice President of Finance. He is a sophomore studying finance and computer science. He is also a member of Wharton Undergraduate FinTech and produces music in his free time. His interests in energy include electric vehicles and renewable energy policy.


Alfredo Garcia, VP of Corporate Relations (CAS and Wharton '21)

Alfredo, a sophomore in Wharton and the College of Arts and Sciences, serves as the Vice President of Corporate Outreach. He studies Economics, Political Science, and French in the Huntsman Program. His interests include renewable energy and public policy. This summer he will intern at the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington D.C as part of the Financial Regulatory Reform Initiative.


Juan Pablo Ramirez , VP of Marketing (Wharton '22)

Juan Pablo is a freshman in Wharton serving as the Vice President of Marketing. He studies Finance and Business Analytics and plans to explore a career in management consulting. He is most interested in the future of renewable energy. 


Timothy Chung, VP of Academics (Wharton '21)

Timothy, a junior in Wharton, serves as the Vice President of the Academic committee of WUEG. He studies Management and Finance and he is interested in advanced non-renewable energy sources and how they relate to the business world.  This past summer, he interned at Magnus Oak Capital, a middle market private equity firm in Houston.