Inside the Business of Energy


Wharton Undergraduate Energy Group is the only undergraduate organization at the University of Pennsylvania with the sole focus of energy.

WUEG's mission is to stimulate learning and discussion about the energy industry among Penn undergraduates and facilitate recruitment in the field. In accordance with our mission, WUEG provides a forum for undergraduates to explore energy at the intersection of business, science, and policy.


Upcoming Events


Our Committees



Academics is the largest committee within WUEG. The academics team researches, publishes, and presents content for those interested in learning more about energy. The committee publishes the monthly WUEG Newsletter, which features articles written by club members, as well as WUEG's blog, which outlines current events in the energy industry, major energy company news, and internship opportunities in the energy space. Academics also develops lessons and presentations about various energy topics for general body meetings.

Corporate Relations

The Corporate Relations Committee is our primary liaison to our outside sponsors. Members of corporate relations work to secure corporate sponsorship and external funding for WUEG, coordinate recruiting events, and help members navigate potential career opportunities in the energy field.


The Events Committee is responsible for organizing the WUEG's semester calendar. This can involve anything from reaching out to potential speakers with backgrounds in the energy industry to organizing weekly meetings to tackling larger projects and events that require more advanced logistical planning, such as the club's field trip to the Marcellus Shale.


The Finance team handles all logistics with regard to club funds. This can range from devising the club's budget and allocating funds to each committee to securing funding for events, such as for field trip transportation. They serve as our liaison to the Wharton Council and other supporting  organizations and generally as our on-the-ground logistical team.


The Marketing Committee is responsible for overseeing committee and board recruitment and organizing WUEG general body meetings and social events. Marketing is also responsible for designing and sourcing flyers and banners for events, maintaining our social media presence, and managing our email system. We are a strong community rooted in diversity of ideas and common interest. Forging these relationships by facilitating active participation beyond the academic and maintaining the community aspect of WUEG are the primary responsibilities of Marketing.